Bunad Collectible Figurine - Voss (female)

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Vintage Norwegian bunad figure depicting the ladies province costume from Voss.

Approximately 7.25 inches tall, made out of resin.

The Norwegian Bunad collection is made up of authentically replicated national costumes. Each statue is sculpted by a master craftsman, cast in the finest materials and handpainted to preserve even the smallest detail.

Norwegian folk costumes are traditional garments with roots reaching back to the 18th century or earlier. Worn by the rural population both throughout the working week and on festive occasions, they were originally made of spun cloth and styled to accord with local traditions

They have evolved over a period of many years from regional adaptations of traditional folk costumes and in consequence serves to identify the province of the wearer.

Firmly rooted in local, traditional folk costumes, the modern bunad National costume is worn only on festive and ceremonial occasions.